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Not just broadband

Business communications

Communication is the lifeblood of a business and if done correctly, can drive sales and establish strong relationships with customers.

At JRA Services we offer an extensive suite of communication services that can help save you money, all backed by our first-class technical support:

  • Hosted VOIP
  • Telephone Systems
  • Broadband & Leased Lines
  • Mobile Sim Cards

Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP is a cost-effective way for businesses to make and receive phone calls. It eliminates the need for expensive telephone systems, saving space and money.

We are partnered with one of the UK’s leading telecoms providers and have successfully moved many of our customers to hosted VOIP systems ready for the 2025 cut off when all analogue phone systems will cease to work. 

As well as providing Hosted VOIP systems we can also provide new PBX systems or upgrade your existing PBX. 

Broadband & Leased Lines

Broadband is the fastest, most reliable internet connection available. It can be leased from an ISP or purchased through a broadband provider. Leased lines are used by businesses with a high volume of data traffic, or those that require guaranteed bandwidth, such as financial institutions. We also provide Fibre Broadband, Leased Lines and Sim card deals. 

Mobile Sim Cards

Mobile sim cards are used to connect mobile phones to data networks and allow them to send and receive information over the internet. Mobile sim cards are usually obtained from mobile providers in different countries depending on their availability in that country's market.

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